Dear parishioners,

Below please see a note sent to the St a Fiachra’s Senior School community this evening, 5th September 2023.

We pray God’s blessing on Mr Creaner as he prepares for his retirement.

Dear parents, children and friends,

I write to you this evening as Chair of the Board of Management to inform you that Mr Kieran Creaner has communicated his intention to retire from his position as Principal at the beginning of next month.

Mr Creaner’s enormous contribution to the life of the School and the Parish over more than forty years is something that we will celebrate properly in the weeks ahead. Suffice it to say for now that his leadership, presence and example will be missed greatly by pupils and staff alike. Together we will express our gratitude and appreciation to him in the weeks to come.

The Board of Management has commenced the process of appointing a successor to Mr Creaner as Principal and he remains in charge of the school for the coming weeks.

I ask you to join me in giving thanks to the Lord for Mr Creaner’s exemplary service to our community.

Yours sincerely,
Fr Robert Smyth, PP,
Chair of the Board of Management.

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