Thank you sincerely for your generosity and your desire to make a donation.

Information is given below on how to make donations.

Family Offering

The parish is dependent on the family offering for its operational costs.

To make a regular or a one-off donation to the parish, which contributes to staff wages (apart from the clergy), insurance, electricity, heating, altar supplies and maintenance, please make a lodgement to the parish bank account:

Bank of Ireland, 26 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin 3.
Account Name: Beaumont Church of the Nativity
Sort Code: 90-05-43
Account Number: 38113385
IBAN: IE77 BOFI 9005 4338 1133 85

Please include your name, or your envelope number if you know it. If you donate €250 or more over the course of the calendar year, the parish may, with your consent and with no cost to you, reclaim the tax you paid on the amount of your donation.

First Collection, Christmas and Easter Dues (Priests)

The weekly first collection and the Christmas and Easter Dues are forwarded to the Diocesan Common Fund. Priests, including sick and retired priests, are paid from this central fund.

Second Collection (Share)

The second collection at Sunday Masses is usually for Share. Money contributed to Share is used to fund central diocesan services, initiatives of the Irish Episcopal Conference and to provide support to low-income parishes.

Collections during the Pandemic

We are exploring ways in which we might be able to receive donations online. In the meantime, if you would like to and are able to contribute to the parish and central collections, please contact the parish office to tell us how to distribute any amount that you lodge to the parish’s account.

Renewed and sincere thanks for your support.