Beaumont Butterfly


Dear parishioners,

As I’ve mentioned at Mass in recent weeks, a project is underway that we are tentatively calling the ‘Beaumont Butterfly’. Just as a butterfly can emerge from a cocoon, so too can we as a parish (with many parishioners ‘cocooning’) emerge as something beautiful from this period of crisis.

We hope to document a history of the parish since its inception and to publish it in a book to coincide with our emergence from this challenging period. Our parish has a proud history – from the early days of Mass in the Mercy School, to the opening of St. Fiachra’s and the parish church, to the Elbeau Project and the opening of the Pastoral Centre, there is much to celebrate. We hope to be able to look to our rich history to inspire us into the future. Historians are already describing the Coronavirus as a defining moment in our history. Looking to our history up to the Coronavirus crisis can inspire us to emerge from the crisis as a stronger community, rooted in common values and mutual care.

As you spend more time at home in these days, perhaps you are dusting down shelves you had forgotten you had! We are asking parishioners to send us photographs, videos and memorabilia from the last five decades. You can email or phone Fred, our sacristan, by dialling (01) 8477740 and selecting option 7 (11am-10pm daily).

Please share your happy memories of Beaumont to help shape a bright and beautiful future, as a beautiful butterfly emerges from a darkened cocoon.

Thank you and God bless you all!

Fr. Robert.