4th December Update

Public Mass has resumed in our church. Mass will be celebrated as follows this weekend:

Saturday: 10am

Sunday Masses:

  • Saturday: 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am and 12 noon

Only 50 people may be admitted to each Mass. Due to new Government restrictions requiring one hour between the last person leaving one gathering and the first person being admitted to the next, admission to each Mass will begin strictly ten minutes before the ceremony. Please observe social distancing according to the markers on the pavement at the church door.

Masses for the week ahead:

Monday 7th December: 10am

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Monday: 6pm

Tuesday: 10am, 12 noon

Wednesday to Saturday: 10am

In the event of a funeral, public Mass will not proceed and admission will be limited to 25 persons invited by the family of the deceased.

In any case, Mass will be continue to be broadcast on our Facebook page and by telephone (01 8477740 option 6) every day at 10am only.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation

Further to the communication issued yesterday by the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin (see link) , we are asked not to reschedule our outstanding ceremonies in this week. Please God, we will be able to do in the New Year.

Christmas in Beaumont

Our arrangements for Christmas will be published in the coming days.

Access to the church for private prayer

The church is open from 7:30am until 7pm, Monday to Friday, for private prayer, apart from Mass times. Please note that the car park is accessible for Mass times and after 14:45 on school days. Access is restricted at other times to facilitate safety protocols for our parish schools.

The church is open on Saturdays from after the 10am Mass until after the 6pm Mass and on Sundays from after the 12pm Mass until 4pm. The car park remains accessible whenever the church is open at weekends.